premium quality and environmentally friendly raw materials

Rovers is a family business that was born in 1961 in Elche (Spain) to produce comfortable shoes, made with top quality raw materials, respectful of the environment and with a highly differentiated design that distinguishes those who wear them.

Our collections combine the values of classic craft production with the most innovative processes that current technology allows. We take care of all the details to create a shoe with its own personality, for those who want a different lifestyle.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Rovers, we have given a new impetus to our collections around the world, recovering those that are most successful in international markets. To these, we have added a modern air to the soul of Rovers. We combine the classic with the new, aligning ourselves with the tastes of consumers, who are looking for a shoe that retains all the original characteristics of the brand, with the touch of the latest trends (design, materials, sustainability and comfort).

Craft production and innovative processes

We take care of all the details

For us, each pair of shoes is a unique product that must be pampered down to the smallest detail. We put all our passion into creativity, we take risks to design footwear that makes you feel different and excites you.

We select the most careful, current, innovative and highest quality raw materials to provide our products with comfort and durability, while taking care of the health of your feet. In all our lines we incorporate environmentally friendly materials because we are a company committed to sustainability.