Rovers is a family business that was born in 1961 in Elche (Spain) to produce comfortable shoes, made with top quality raw materials, respectful of the environment and with a highly differentiated design that distinguishes those who wear them.

Our collections combine the values of classic craft production with the most innovative processes that current technology allows. We take care of all the details to create a shoe with its own personality, for those who want a different lifestyle.

Rovers Winter 2022

ladies & mens

With the Nachos series, our goal is to offer a very versatile line that combines a sporty look and a cut that has become a classic. The finishes, like those of the rest of the collection, are completely handmade. This footwear has a very original last, manual seams and glove construction. The colors are intense and natural at the same time.

ladies & mens

Traction is the most characteristic line of Rovers, a collection that has been manufactured with extraordinary acceptance since the early 1960s. The shoes are very anatomical and comfortable. As the name suggests, this shoe has a rugged look; however, although it seems to have been designed for the most rustic of terrains, it has a deeply urban heart.


This model follows in the footsteps of Traction, a legendary model that we developed half a century ago. The Acero model updates the original idea with which Traction was conceived, providing it with a modern and very light sole, but without losing the DNA of the Rovers.


The Fonsina line is partially inspired by art nouveau. It has a shape with a strong personality and very marked lines, especially in the toe box and instep. All the models are enhanced with a touch of fantasy provided by pieces of different skins.

La Gata

With the Gata line we enrich our collection with a more youthful concept. We have incorporated a new white sole model with a template that adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the foot. Its light weight increases the comfort of the shoe. In this line we offer a color range that goes from the most daring tones to the most classic colors.


It is the most fun, urban and cosmopolitan line, a collection designed for those who want to combine comfort with a more informal look. The shape of the sole, designed with a lower heel, gives this model the necessary qualities to walk or stand for hours without getting tired.


Angela Brotons

All my life I have been in love with the world of footwear. From
very small the small factory of my parents were my play area where
I wanted to get there after leaving school.


very human reasons

“I am a self-taught person, I am a designer and I am one by vocation. I design my own line of footwear with an own brand that was born in 1961 Rovers, a brand recognized internationally and of which I am very proud.

I am what I am because I had a good subscription: enterprising parents, a brave and risky father, an intelligent and wise mother and some children who have given me love and dedication and above all courage.

Courage to fight for them and for all those who are like them.”

Geli Brotons. Soul of Rovers solidarity



Rovers uses top quality raw materials, respectful of the environment and with a highly differentiated design